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The information below is the current price list for advertising on raves.com.au.

Note: The "Buy Now" facility is offered via Paypal. All prices include GST.

Raves Banners:
728x90 (Footer) $440.00 (AUD) Per Month (Limited Rotation).
468x60 (Header) $550.00 (AUD) Per Month (Limited Rotation).
468x60 (Footer) $330.00 (AUD) Per Month (Limited Rotation).
120x240 $440.00 (AUD) Per Month (Limited Rotation).
120x60 $330.00 (AUD) Per Month (Limited Rotation).
88x31 $110.00 (AUD) Per Month (Limited Rotation).

Raves Mailing List:
E-Flyer $275.00 (AUD) Per Mailout.
Mailout Banner 468x60 $88.00 (AUD) Per Mailout.

Raves Event Listings:
Bold Listing $110.00 (AUD) Per Listing.
Bold Listing & Banner $165.00 (AUD) Per Listing.

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