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RAVES.com.au is the Internet home of Melbourne Raves, the leading Australian portal of dance rave music, events listings and message forum. Melbourne Raves has served the information needs of the underground dance music scene since 1997. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia; Melbourne Raves has affiliates in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra and has editorial correspondents in major cities around the globe.

The global rave scene has evolved from it’s early days in dark underground, almost secret beginings to the “corporate” more commercial state we’re in at the present. No matter what has happened and where we go, RAVES.com.au will strive through the progression and growth of our industry, by keeping up with local and international trends and staying ahead of the game by always sticking to the basic principle: “Peace, Love, Unity & Respect”.

The Melbourne Raves website has been a regular part of the wider Australian rave scene for well over 8 years now. The always reliable updates we make to the event listings; make it the only stop for news on dance rave events for a lot of people, wether it be local, club, underage or global events. RAVES.com.au is a staple part of the world-wide dance community at large.